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Tanglewood DBT SFCE DBL Discovery Electro Acoustic Package, Cobalt Blue

Tanglewood DBT SFCE DBL Discovery Electro Acoustic Package, Cobalt Blue

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Package includes Free Guitar Lead, Guitar Strap, Carry Cover and 2 Plectrums!*

Tanglewood Discovery Series DBT SFCE DBL Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Tanglewood DBT SFCE DBL, an incredible electro-acoustic guitar made using Linden with a Spruce top and part of the Tanglewood Discovery series.

With the Discovery series, Tanglewood offer guitarists premium playing experiences with great sounding guitars available at extremely attractive prices.

Well Crafted Electro-Acoustic Guitar

The DBT SFCE DBL comes in the Super Folk cutaway style which was first introduced around thirty years ago with the Tanglewood TW45 Sundance Pro guitar.

A grand auditorium size, this guitar offers a nicely focused sound that is great for intricate playing styles such as finger-picking and anything with a lot of lead guitar lines.

Tanglewood have crafted the DBT SFCE DBL from a unique combination of woods; the back and sides are made from Linden and it has a great Dark Cobalt Blue matt satin finish.

A tried and true classic; Spruce is used as the resonating top of the guitar as it is known for its flexibility, projection and fantastic tone.

A cutaway can be found in the body, allowing for easy reach of the higher frets; perfect for adventurous melodies and arpeggios.

The Tanglewood Quality Touch

Being a Tanglewood guitar, the DBT SFCE DBL features a number of high end appointments that you wouldn’t normally find in a guitar this price.

ABS binding can be found around the guitar, ensuring a secure build that protects the edges while its white colour has a striking contrast to the Dark Cobalt Blue finish.

A Mahogany neck features a classic Rosewood fingerboard that has a nice, natural feel that helps deliver a warm tone.

Facilitating great transfer of vibration from the strings to the Spruce top of the DBT SFCE DBL is a Rosewood bridge with an ABS white saddle.

Comprehensive EQ System

Of course, allowing you to plug in and play live and loud is a Tanglewood TEQ-3BT EQ system.

Drawing on their years of experience in acoustic guitar amplification, Tanglewood have created a proprietary EQ system that offers the kind of specification and performance that you’d expect from a much more expensive model.

An LCD back lit screen makes using the built-in tuner extremely easy, allowing you to see the display even on dimly lit stages.

You’ll also find a three band EQ which three knobs, one each controlling the Low, Mid and high frequencies respectively, helping you shape your sound perfectly.

Making sure you never lose power at the worst moments, the TEQ-3BT has a low battery indicator light that’ll let you know when it’s time to change batteries and a volume dial allows you to adjust the overall level of your guitar’s signal.

Electro-Acoustic Guitar with Great Sound and Performance

Designed to be a perfect guitar for beginners and expert players alike; the Tanglewood DBT SFCE DBL is a fantastic combination of an easy to play guitar with great sound and an affordable price tag.

A great guitar to learn on and with the high-quality built-in electronics, it’s ready to start gigging as soon as you are.

*Package includes FREE non padded guitar cover, nylon guitar strap, 2 plectrums, a guitar lead to the RRP value of £9.99, models may vary due to current stock availability.

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